Chasing dollar…..always

I am updating this post on request of a friend and fellow blogger, Marc. Hey Marc, hope you will enjoy reading this 🙂

One swipe is all it takes. And this could drain your account of all your money. When you hand over your credit card to make a payment in a shop or insert it into an Automated Teller Machine (ATM), you could run the risk of being the next victim of an international crime called ‘skimming’.

The cyber crime cell of the US police department have received more than 25 complaints from persons who have fallen victims to such scam.

The victims complained that they lost money from ATMs through forged credit cards. According to a senior police official ‘skimming is done in connivance with an UK-based gang that clones credit cards using a small machine called a skimmer which reads the data on the magnetic strip of the card and clones it. The forged cards are then sent to the US.’

Last year the cyber crime police have recovered 160 fake international credit cards through which a four-member gang had planned to withdraw 30,00,000 US dollars, said a senior police official.

They had cloned credit cards to shop at five-star hotels, malls and jewellery stores in the city. The accused had skimmed credit cards of tourists, he said.

He urged the credit card-users to keep an eye on suspicious individuals who may be present when using your credit or debit card.

He also asked them not allow a credit or debit card to be swiped out of your view. Also remain aware of unusual devices or card readers attached to an ATM machine.

An office-bearer of the US Credit Cards Users Association said ‘Apart from complaints on banks, we do receive complaints pertaining to skimming these days which we are forwarding to police officials. ’‘We are also planning to conduct awareness programmes in this regard,’ he said.


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